Andy Bayer

Vice President, Membership

Andy developed his musical talent as a fetus-----trying to keep up with his mother who hummed her way through a very large repertoire.  “Hummed” because she could never remember all the words----a trait she passed down to her son!

Andy was a boy tenor and was recruited to become a cantor but decided otherwise.  In high school, his love of music (and interest in the other sex) led him to a singing group called the “double octet” which had a rather special place at concerts and other venues.  In addition, it gave him the opportunity to sing at Carnegie Hall with a group sponsored by American Airlines, called American Youth Performs.  It was, truly, a awesome experience that sealed his commitment to singing and performing------at least, for several years while in high school, where he participated in numerous theatrical performances.  Upon graduation, he just stopped, which demonstrates how foolish he became once he went on to college to “get smart”.  However, his love of music continued in the shower and with his family and he never forgot the joy singing brought him.  He married, re-engaged in local summer theatre productions and performed for others and, especially, for his own children. 

Fast forward to the “empty nest” phase of family life and Andy came face-to-face with the realization that he wanted/needed to pursue hobbies to replace the time he had devoted to providing for the family over many years.  He reconnected with local summer theatres and, eventually, the Danbury Mad Hatters-----having heard their name over the years.  A quick call, numerous evenings of attending Tuesday evening rehearsals and enjoying the thrill of ringing “them chords” and the deal was sealed in 2008. He has never questioned this decision!

Professionally, Andy became a high school foreign language teacher and after a twenty-four year career teaching principally French (but also Spanish), he realized that both of his children would be attending college for two years concurrently and, therefore, he pursued the opportunity to turn to the “dark side” and joined the ranks of educational administrators---a decision he never regretted (except maybe once or twice after a very stressful day)! He worked at Torrington High School for 2 years and then at Southington High School during the next 11 years of his professional career and retired in July of 2013----a professionally contented man.  He now has the time to devote to this wonderful and joy producing hobby and has accepted the responsibility of both vice-president of membership, uniform chairperson, and chairman of the 2014 Annual Show committee.