Traveling Men

Danbury, CT
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The Traveling Men have been delighting audiences in Western Connecticut since 2010, and they were awarded "Most Improved" at the Yankee Division competition in 2012 and 2013.  At the time of their founding, their tenor commuted between Connecticut and a coffee plantation in Nicaragua; their lead was frequently visiting family in Alabama and Minnesota; their baritone was researching in Cambodia and Vietnam; and their bass was fond of touring many world destinations.  For that reason, we settled on our peregrinating moniker.    Traveling Men has always included Danny Anderson (lead), Wynn Gadkar-Wilcox (baritone), and Andy Bayer (bass). 

Danny Anderson, the long-time president of the Mad Hatter Chorus, has had a long and prosperous career in sales, including in his current employment, in which he sells energy efficient lighting.  Wynn Gadakar-Wilcox is on the History Faculty at WCSU, specializing in Southeast Asian history.  Andy Bayer recently retired as Assistant Principal at Southington (CT) high school.  Over the years, we have had several others on the fourth part, including Tim Kaiser (founding member and tenor), Alex Zobler, and Chuck Krieger.  For the last year, we have been fortunate to procure the services of the inimitable Art Cilley (tenor), a lawyer and corporate officer at many major companies. 

Traveling Men tend to focus on traditional barbershop tunes, ballads, and New Orleans-style jazz, but we are also interesting in broadening our horizons and exploring new genres.