Kismet Quartet

Tenor - Wynn Gadkar-Wilcox joined the Mad Hatter Chorus in 2010 but was previously in a barbershop VLQ in high school and briefly in a college barbershop quartet.  He also sang in the University of California at Berkeley's Cal Jazz Choir and with the Cornell University Chamber Singers.  When not singing, Wynn researches and writes about Vietnamese intellectual history and teaches Asian history at Western Connecticut State University. He currently sings bass in the chorus and serves as the Vice President of Music. He enjoys spending time with his wife Sujata and daughters Ishika and Aksita, and plays piano and saxophone in his spare time.  He also enjoys jogging and skiing.

Lead - Robert Golenbock has been a Barbershopper for almost twenty years, but he was a pediatrician for almost 50 years until his recent retirement. A resident of Newtown, his interests other than singing include piano, skiing, traveling, and studying foreign languages. 

Baritone - Garry "Butch" Ashdown

Bass - Andy Bayer